Weight Loss

Weight Loss Program Breakdown


  • 6 Month Physician Supervised Program – Once a Month Visits
  • Upon 1st consultation, the Doctor will draw labs (Thyroid, CBC, Chem Comp) and an EKG to further evaluate the patients’ medical needs in which will determine which medicine will suit the patients’ overall health best.
    • Includes Lipovite Injection Therapy( 1 Shot )
  • Free 90 Day Gym Membership at BOJO’s Fitness Center
  • Initial visit can be filled under Insurance, If the Insurance is In Network with our physician, an only charged the Primary Care Co Pay (if a Co Pay is established). If they have a deductible plan that isn’t met or Co Insurance they will be charged $200.00 up front as well as patients without insurance and $100 for the one month follow up until the deductible has been satisfied.
    • For Self-Pay and Deductible Patients paying $100 for their follow up visits, a Lipovite Shot is included with each 1 month follow up.
  • Lipovite Shots – Improve liver function, help your body metabolize fats and reduce appetite, prevent fat cells from accumulating, as well as assisting the body in excreting fat and excess water.
    • Lipovite Shots are not covered by insurances
      • Weekly injections cost $30/Shot or 4 Shots for $100
      • Each person you refer is redeemable for 1 Free Lipovite Shot
    • No Appointment Necessary – Patients can schedule appointments or simply walk in.